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Testing and Quality Assurance is an integral part of the development life cycle. Testing a piece of code effectively and efficiently is just as important as writing it. From testing to quality assurance and documentation, our clients can be confident that their hardware and software get the dedicated support they require.


1. Scope of Testing

During the scope, we determine what the application/software is supposed to do thereby creating a real life scenario where the application will be used.

2. Decide Testing Approach

Decide the methods, approach and tools for testing. It is important include client assumptions and various dependencies into consideration during this time.

3. Estimate Time & Budget

We estimate the time and budget necessary for the entire testing lifecycle as well as each of the phases of the cycle. We include measures to limit budget overruns. And keep testing on track.

4. Closure of Testing

After the criteria have been met, we begin closure activities. Key outputs are captured, results are logged, documents are completed.

Areas of Expertise

Idig helps you solve your most challenging software testing problems. We can provide quick resolution and offer suggestions for significant improvement.

  • Testing in distributed environment
  • Risk-based and content-driven testing
  • Simplify application management
  • Test architecture and planning
  • Test tool selection and implementation
  • QA model development
  • Interoperability and end-to-end testing

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You need to know how your product performs under the various conditions that customers require and how it will perform when your customers use your products. Idigital will help you validate your application and ensure your customers can use it flawlessly over the short- and long-term.